5 SEO Tips to Maximise Your Website!

Posted on Mon 6th Oct, 2014
5 SEO Tips to Maximise Your Website! Image

Every business needs SEO. It’s one of the best ways to ensure that your business is visible in an ever-growing internet, which continues to be the main way for modern businesses to sell their products and services. The more you incorporate SEO into your website, the more chance there is of attracting large numbers of new clients to your business.

There are many simple ways to integrate SEO into your website, which will boost your online visibility and enable you to increase your customer base. A larger base of customers will enable you to increase the scope of your sales and profits!

1)      Undertake Keyword Research for your website: Undertaking keyword research is a must if you want to discover the benefits of SEO. The keywords should be relevant to your business sector and should be placed appropriately within your web content. That means making sure you use the right density of keywords in your text. Keyword stuffing will not get you higher page rankings! It is actually more likely to prevent you from getting a top page raking.

2)      Use Relevant Content: Using relevant content is one of the most important parts of optimising your website for Google. Content should be stylistically appropriate and should incorporate terms and phrases which are related to your business sector and are likely to be searched for by prospective customers. Linking the content to the search terms is pivotal if you want the right people to find your site.

3)      Prioritise Your Metatags: Metatags are a summary of your site and contain a description of your content. The description and keywords are the most important metatags of any website and should always be SEO optimised. This description tag is what people will read before they click on your site, so it’s important to get it right. This description should contain 150 – 200 characters and one or two keywords which are relevant. Again, don’t stuff these keywords! Keep it simple and minimal for the most impact.

4)      Implement Link Building: Link building allows you to use other relevant sites to direct traffic back to your own site. Reputable websites are inserted with text which directs traffic back to your page. This is a great way to boost your SEO optimisation using other online resources and websites. It can potentially bring you a brand new stream of clients, who will have access to your products, services and business details.

5)      Use Keywords in Your Headings: Headings should never be overlooked when it comes to SEO! Headings are an incredibly important part of SEO, as they give customers a clear indication about each page and its content. Headings should also contain keywords for optimisation purposes, as well as relevant wording and length.

These are just some of the SEO techniques that can be used to boost your visibility. These simple pointers will help you build a prominent presence on the internet, allowing you to stay visible amongst rival websites and competitors.