How social media can benefit your businesses

Posted on Sun 28th Jul, 2013 in Social Media
How social media can benefit your businesses Image

Have you ever wondered what Twitter, Facebook, youtube, LinkedIn and Pinterest can bring to your company? Well were here to tell you a little bit about how you can use social media to your advantage for your company.

Social media can be tricky, time consuming, and complex but oh boy if you can handle the pace will you reap the benefits.

How do small companies ensure they turn those likes and follows into customer engagement and increased sales? By constant interaction with your customers. An alternative option is to look at those firms that have got their social media strategy right and are winning new business as a result.


1. Twitter – Hands down wins in Social Media Ranking. Twitter along with Facebook enhances connections with the public. With Twitter becoming a daily fixture in the majority of peoples life’s it’s a no brainer when it comes to communicating with potential customers.

2. YouTube- is amazing for small companies The benefits from using a video on the internet is brilliant for optimisation; fresh video content boosts SEO rankings.

3. Facebook – Setting up a facebook profile and “like” page can quickly make awareness to your company. Altho on the same lines as twitter it still is up in the top for social media.

4. Blog – Blogs are a way of establishing your professional credibility and expertise to a wide audience while giving added value to my subscribers. Original online content raises brand awareness, improves SEO, and engages with existing and potential clients and referral partners.

5. Linkedin – LinkedIn is the channel of choice for professionals and because of the nature of the business services I provide – communication and presentation skills training – more enquiries and referrals come from LinkedIn than any other platform, which I monitor via email.


Google+ will become more important for our SEO later in the year, as will Pinterest as it matures over time and finds its commercial feet with business to business audiences.”


  • Be selective and focus on the platforms where potential customers are likely to be.

  • Be social; don’t just announce, engage.

  • Be responsive. Establishing a presence on social media is an invitation for people to communicate with you. Ignore them and your efforts will be wasted.

  • Be adaptable. Social media is evolving rapidly and businesses must constantly monitor and measure activity and responses and adapt their strategies accordingly.