How to optimize the home page of your website for users and search engines

Posted on Fri 24th Oct, 2014
How to optimize the home page of your website for users and search engines Image

Enhance the home page of your website for users and search engines. Grab visitor’s attention.

The homepage is the most significant page of your site. Make it engaging. Don't describe anything in detail on your home page. Rather make it short, crunchy, highly appealing and get attention snowballing. Make him or her bound to visit other pages of your site for further information. No, not your graphics or text can do it alone. Use everything that is required to do so. Make it user friendly. Put short information regarding everything that is present on your website like, your products, services, portfolio, history, support, client list and so on.

Don't try and say everything on the home page. You have plenty of opportunity throughout the rest of the site to explain what you do so please don't feel you have to say it all on the front cover. Welcome the visitor on your website. Guide the visitor to the interesting pages on your site. Here are some key points in enhancing your homepage:

  • Your home page should interconnect the key assistance that you deliver with your products and services.
  • The title of your web page should emphasis on your company name, your main product and the main value that your company offers.
  • Your home page should contain an organised menu that deals admission to all significant areas of your website.
  • Add your contact information to show your website visitors that your website can be reliable.
  • Your home page should contain well-meaning product images. Your home page should have a flawless attention. The pages of your website should be accessible through the navigation menu and/or a search box. (Do not add too many links)

The homepage is where the bulk of people will generally enter the website and leave if they don't find what they want or feel snowed under by the amount of content. So keep the sentences short, use relevant sub headings and bullet points. Creating a clear, concise, relevant and client-attracting home page will interest clients.

Develop your home page with your potential customer in mind. Build the home page with what your ideal customer is looking for - grab the person’s attention! Your website homepage determines whether a user will stay to interact with your brand or business further. Be bold and be convincing! Be easy to navigate make users want to click on something. Be friendly! Make users' acquaintances and think search not SEO.

Your home page is the most significant page of your website. People will decide within 5 seconds whether they want to stay. The goal of the page is to communicate sketchily on what you do and to create an exceptional first impression.