The Release of Penguin 3.0

Posted on Wed 22nd Oct, 2014
The Release of Penguin 3.0 Image

Major news, on October 17th 2014 the sixth release of Penguin is here! Penguin has been updated and it’s called Penguin 3.0.

Prompt reports arose from webmasters and SEOs in various online forums and social media. The SEO industry gossip is at an all-time high and it all themes to the Penguin 3.0 being released.

We are pleased to say that Google have spent the last 12 months developing an algorithm that can challenge some of the immense encounters that still exist”. Google has submitted that penguin 3.0 will have a new system authorising for refreshes to happen more regularly. Currently with Google Penguin 3.0 recruits faster and refreshes on your continuing link risk management so it becomes even more significant.

Penguin is an algorithm which identifies evidence on and off a website of what Google recognises as a web spam. Penguin reprimands websites that are acknowledged as being of dishonest, cunning, unsolicited tactics by decreasing their visibilities in its search consequences.

Penguin emphases on supervising the unforeseen unnatural links that leaves Panda to target on the low quality content. Listed below are all the previous Penguin releases:

  1. April 24, 2012 Penguin 1.0 impacting 3.1% of inquiries (Factors: keyword stuffing, spun content, unnatural linking)
  2. May 26, 2012 Penguin 1.1 impacting less than 0.1% of inquiries (factors: data refresh)
  3. October 5th 2012 Penguin 1.2 impacting 0.3% of inquiries(factors: data refresh)
  4. May 22nd 2013 Penguin 2.0 impacting 2.3% of inquiries(factors: data refresh) (factors: data refresh)
  5. October 4th 2013 Penguin 2.1 impacting approx. 1% of inquiries(factors: data refresh)
  6. October 17th 2014 Penguin 3.0 impact not yet released

Penguin 3.0 is parallel to its forerunners and it’s the absolute guide to diagnosis and retrieval. “The Google Penguin algorithm, which has not remained updated in over a year, since Penguin Threadwatch, WebmasterWorld, Black Hat World, digital Point Forums and Google Webmaster Help. Google, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks are on enchantment with Penguin chatter.”  Its goal is to cut down on spam and improve results.

‘Google has confirmed that this is a major algorithm change, not just a minor update or a data refresh, and webmasters should be prepared for a little turbulence. Over the next few months it’s likely that Google will roll out a few data refreshes. Conversely the majority of Penguin 3.0’s impact has already taken root.’

We’ve been waiting for the penguin 3.0 update for over a year now, the time is now. It’s been established and modernised. Life will be prepared at ease for webmasters! The new update of Penguin 3.0 is alleged to be more systematic in positions of cutting into long tail keywords and deep pages, where brands will have even less places to fleece.