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Dental & Medical

At Time 2 we have consistently worked with some amazing clients in the medical and dental industry and we want to share that experience to help you build and grow your brand. We are proud to announce we have just launched our specialist dentistry service to help clients in the dentistry sector create exceptional websites, engaging social media campaigns and continuously improve their search engine performance. Our expertise and focus in this industry will allow our clients to grow their client base and convert more visitors into happy clients (with wide and wonderful smiles).

Exceptional website design that not only looks fantastic, but performs and converts.

Time:2's designers and developers have the expertise and creativity to create beautiful, user-focused designs which help you to stand out from the crowd and maximise the potential of your practice. We focus on your needs and what's important to your customers - professionalism, trust and confidence. We create a website that reflects who you are, what your practice stands for and what appeals to your clients.

Our world-leading technical and Search Engine Optimisation expertise ensures that behind the scenes your website performs exceptionally well in search engine rankings. SEO can drive long term quality visitors to your website and provides an unparalleled return on investment. Time:2 are proud to be market leaders in long term, lasting SEO results. We are constantly researching and monitoring the ever-changing algorithms the Search Engines implement to ensure your website receives quality traffic and is best able to convert visitors into leads.

Social Media Marketing is Relationship Marketing

Social media is an essential part of building a successful practice. It allows you to focus on letting your clients get to know and trust you and creating lasting relationships, before, between and after visits. More and more people rely on online recommendations and social sharing to find service providers they can trust. Uniquely, social media allows you to talk WITH your clients and potential clients, rather than just broadcasting your message AT them.

Time:2 give you the tools to establish an engaging social media presence. We establish your practice on key social platforms and give you hints and tips to maximise your social media activity.

Time:2 can help you to take your social media to the next level and provide a bespoke, in-house social media training service.

We will help you to:

We can also help you to create your own social media marketing plan so you can connect and communicate with clients and potential clients in a strategic, engaging and creative way.

Time:2 also offers regular seminars on Marketing Excellence for Dentists and Social Media for Dentists. Please contact us to find out when the next one in your area is.

Compliance gives Confidence

While we want to help you to inspire client confidence in your practice, we want you to feel confident in us. We strive to keep ourselves updated with the implications of all the latest compliance procedures.

Notes on the benefits of Time:2's diverse client base

A diverse client base - specialist knowledge

At Time 2, we pride ourselves on the breadth and diversity of our client base. We have worked with hundreds of clients across a multitude of sectors - retail, hospitality, medical, dental, health & wellness, professional services, trades and e-commerce - in a variety of business sizes and structures - SMEs, large corporates, family-owned and operated, start-ups, established brands - and in widespread locations - Yorkshire, London, The Midlands, the South East, Dubai, Spain and the USA.

We believe our diverse experience is our strength. While we have considerable experience in many of these sectors, we firmly believe that marketing and design crosses and unites all boundaries and we work hard to learn from each and every client and project and apply those learnings to your brand. While you can benefit from our previous experience in your sector, you will also benefit from our knowledge from other sectors we have amassed during our journey.

Other support Time:2 offer

We work very closely with Practice Finance Company.

They have a vast experience in arranging finance for the dental sector and have over 30 years experience.

One of their directors started to arranged finance for dental principles as far back as 2003.

They have ten year NHS, private and cosmetic clients, returning to them for short term unsecured professional loans to cover their tax bills.

Additionally, they are instructed to arrange finance for dentists decontamination room refits, cabinetry, dental chairs and acquisitions.

Check their testimonial page for support.